At Cambridgeshire Doula Services we ‘mother the mother’ so that she can mother her child.

Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Support

You doula can support you through your pregnancy, visiting you at least twice to build a relationship and walk with you as you make your choices for birth and beyond. A doula will be available to you 24/7 from around 38 weeks and once you call her, will stay with you (and your partner), supporting the both of you, until at least 2 hours after your baby is born. She will then come and visit you once or twice postnatally, to talk through the birth, or any concerns you may have as a new parent.

Doulas are not there to be a nurse, midwife or any other kind of health professional. We are emotional and practical support through your journey, only. We will offer you information to help you make informed decisions about your care and nurture you with practical help, hints and tips for pregnancy, birth and parenting. We are like well-informed friends, sisters or mothers. We offer support without judgement, therefore empowering you to feel confident in the choices you are making.

Postnatal Service

Each mother and family is unique, so each will benefit from differing doula support. We undertake various tasks both during labour and birth and postnatally to suit your individual needs:

  • Emotional support for mother and baby – a listening ear is all some mothers need!
  • Physical care of mother and baby
  • Help with establishing feeding (breast and bottle)
  • Suggestions and help for adjusting to the new baby
  • Assisting with the care of older children in the family
  • We also provide general assistance with the running of the household, which normally includes laundry, ironing, shopping, cooking, cleaning, pet care, and any other reasonable requests.

We have a fairly large group of doulas in the area now, all of whom have their own experience, skills and ways of working. Choosing a doula is about finding someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Have a look at the profiles of the local doulas here. You can also often click through to their personal websites, if you like. We suggest talking to more than one doula before choosing the right one for you.