Welcome to Cambridgeshire Doulas

wool doula and parentsWe don’t know why you or a loved one might be feeling in need of a doula, but whatever led you here, we hope that this site will answer any questions you might be asking yourself. If not, please do feel free to contact us or get in touch with any of the doulas listed on this site individually. Contact from parents is never charged for – so you can ring or email any or us to enquire about anything with no strings!

We are a group of self-employed doulas working together as a cooperative group to support each other and to offer you a one-stop-shop to finding a doula in the Cambridgeshire area. We are all either members of Doula UK or working towards that goal. This means we are bound by a Code of Conduct and other supporting documents that guide our practice. Please see here for more information about what it means to be a member of Doula UK.

We are not an agency – so any agreement you reach with your doula is with her and her alone.  But once you ask for the support of a Cambs Doula, you have tapped into a community of sisterhood and support. We are a varied bunch – different ages, different doula experiences and different life experiences and skills. So there will always be someone who has the answer to your question or the key to your problem or challenge.

We know that there is a doula for every woman. Who you choose will not necessarily rest on her experience or qualifications, but on how you ‘click’ with her when you meet for the first time. We know that having a doula can make having a baby a much more pleasurable and fulfilling experience and this is especially true if you have a deep and trusting relationship with your doula – so use your gut instinct and pick someone you really like!

We provide practical and emotional support to meet your individual needs during childbirth or in those early days at home.

Please click on the topics in the menu above to learn more about Cambridgeshire Doula Services and how we can assist you, or contact us now for more information or to talk to us in person.

A doula….

  • Understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labour…
  • Assists with preparation and planning…
  • Provides emotional and physical support and an objective viewpoint and assistance…
  • Stays by the side of the labouring woman throughout the entire labour…
  • Facilitates communication between the woman, her partner and clinical staff.
  • The support of postnatal doula can help reduce the risk of postnatal depression


Assistance…with a